Kathy M Haycock

Kathy Haycock

Though mainly self taught, Kathy’s view is strongly influenced by her father, Arctic painter Maurice Haycock, and by his close painting partner of 30 years, A. Y. Jackson. After academic studies and some related work, she moved to rural Ontario in 1973 with the back-to-the-land movement. There she began weaving, living simply in a handbuilt house without water or power. Arctic trips with her father in 1975 and 1984 introduced her to the lure of the North and inspired a graceful sweeping rhythm in her work.

After years of tapestry weaving, stained glass and pastel painting, she tried oils in 1998, —instantly falling in love with them and on-site painting. She now divides her time between painting nearby Algonquin wilderness, remote painting trips across the Arctic and American Southwest, solo and group exhibitions, art talks and limited mentoring/teaching.