DVD: Painting in Nature

In Painting in Nature, we meet the Wild Women Artists — Joyce Burkholder, Kathy Haycock and Linda Sorensen — three unique painters who share a spirit of adventure and an attraction to wild places.

Together they trek into the back country of eastern Ontario and Algonquin Park to immerse themselves in the landscape and bring back dynamic paintings of the wilderness they love.

Through their art, they encourage all Canadians to reflect on the importance of our wild lands. They hope their paintings of the rugged landscape that lies between the inhabited world and the deep wilderness will stimulate viewers to a greater curiosity, appreciation and understanding of what it’s like to be immersed in nature.

Joyce, Linda and Kathy hope that in this film, they can share this rich experience with you.

Painting in Nature is available at the Wild Women’s studios:

Joyce Burkholder: www.joyceburkholder.com • Kathy M Haycock: www.kmhaycock.com • Linda Sorensen: www.lindasorensen.com

Kathy Haycock, Joyce Burkholder and Linda Sorensen