Sharing the Spirit of Adventure

Wild Women—Joyce Burkholder, Kathy Haycock and Linda Sorensen—are three unique painters who share a spirit of adventure and an attraction to wild places. Together they trek into the backcountry of eastern Ontario and Algonquin Park to immerse themselves in the landscape and bring back paintings of the wilderness they love.

Wild Women were drawn together by similar life experiences and a shared vision as artists. All three were attracted to art at an early age. Haycock grew up immersed in paintings by her father, Arctic artist Maurice Haycock. and his painting partner and family friend A.Y. Jackson. They shaped her world, and influenced her perceptions when she became a landscape artist herself. Sorensen had the good fortune to have wildlife artist Robert Bateman as her high school art teacher. Bateman recognized and encouraged her talents and mentored her early development as a painter. As a child, Burkholder was inspired to seek her own artistic expression by the valued landscape paintings of her great-grandfather, William Charles Rushton. In high school, she was chosen by her art teacher to attend special classes at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Wild About Algonquin

See our exhibition at the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre, located in the Park that inspires us so much.

Wild About Algonquin
Discover Algonquin Park through the eyes of three artists.

July 30–September 1, 2021
Algonquin Park Visitor Centre
Hwy 60 • Algonquin Park • km 43

MEET THE ARTISTS at the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre
Kathy Haycock: Saturday July 31, 10 am to 4 pm
Linda Sorensen: Saturday August 7, 10 am to 4 pm
Joyce Burkholder: Saturday August 21, 10 am to 4 pm

Joyce Burkholder
Kathy Haycock
Linda Sorensen

About the Book

WW-cover-300Wild Women: Painters of the Wilderness celebrates the Canadian wilderness landscape and is addressed to all who dream of what lies “beyond” — to all who venture beyond paved roads, or just imagine what wild habitat is out there.

Wild Women, a unique trio of Canadian painters, encourage all Canadians to reflect on the importance of our wild lands. They hope their paintings of the rugged landscape that lies between the inhabited world and deep wilderness will stimulate a greater curiosity about, appreciation for, and understanding of what it is like to be immersed in nature.

They hope that it will persuade Canadians to spend time in the wild and to place a greater value on nature, wilderness, wild habitat and all species of plant and animal that call these places their home.

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Wilno Craft Gallery 19 Borutski Street, Wilno
Art Gallery of Bancroft 34 Station Street, Bancroft
Arnprior Book Shop 152 John Stree North, Arnprior
Bittersweet Gallery 5 Leckie Lane, Burnstown ON
Algonquin Park Visitor Centre (open weekends in winter), km 43 on Highway 60, west of Whitney, ON