Sharing the spirit of adventure

Wild Women—Joyce Burkholder, Kathy Haycock and Linda Sorensen—are three unique painters who share a spirit of adventure and an attraction to wild places. Together they trek into the backcountry of eastern Ontario and Algonquin Park to immerse themselves in the landscape and bring back paintings of the wilderness they love.

Wild Women were drawn together by similar life experiences and a shared vision as artists. All three were attracted to art at an early age. Haycock was deeply influenced in her young life by her father, noted landscape and Arctic painter Maurice Haycock. She vividly remembers his arrivals home from northern trips with stories of his adventures and new canvases exuding the smell of linseed oil. Sorensen had the good fortune to have wildlife artist Robert Bateman as her high school art teacher. Bateman recognized and encouraged her talents and mentored her early development as a painter. As a child, Burkholder was inspired to seek her own artistic expression by the valued landscape paintings of her great-grandfather, William Charles Rushton. In high school, she was chosen by her art teacher to attend special classes at the Art Gallery of Ontario.